P-45 Advanced Survival Kit
P-45 Advanced Survival Kit
P-45 Advanced Survival Kit
P-45 Advanced Survival Kit
P-45 Advanced Survival Kit
P-45 Advanced Survival Kit
P-45 Advanced Survival Kit
P-45 Advanced Survival Kit
P-45 Advanced Survival Kit
P-45 Advanced Survival Kit
P-45 Advanced Survival Kit
P-45 Advanced Survival Kit
P-45 Advanced Survival Kit
P-45 Advanced Survival Kit
P-45 Advanced Survival Kit
P-45 Advanced Survival Kit

P-45 Advanced Survival Kit


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45 Essential Survival Items for Everyday Carry

Pocket 45 is a Deluxe UltraLight, EDC, Micro Survival Kit Packed with 45 Vital, Hard to Improvise Survival Tools to Keep You Alive. 

Designed By Us, For You!

Two years in development, Pocket 45 (expands on our Pocket 30 Basic Kit) and travels inside a reusable 4 by 5 inch, clear waterproof zip bag (so you can see everything inside) - and is designed to fit in your pocket or a standard sized mint tin. 

Build Your Ultimate Everyday Carry Survival System

Build out your Ultimate EDC - Pocket Survival Kit System EDC Kit by ADDING a Tiny Survival Guide, Tiny Survival Card, Tiny Knife Sharpener, Survival Sling our Extra Large Pocket Tin - to our Pocket 45 Kit - for a comprehensive pocket survival system.  

Or use our Pocket 45 Kit as a very capable "Stand Alone" Pocket / EDC Survival Kit or Give as a Gift to someone you love!

Pocket 45 Includes Items For:

• Fire Starting • Water Collection and Purification • Food Gathering and Preparation • First Aid • Navigation • Gear Repair • Rescue • Personal Safety • Hygiene and is a Perfect Pocketable EDC, Last Ditch Kit or a Space-Saving Addition (or Backup) to to Your Other Kits.

Think of It as Peace of Mind, In Your Pocket!

Designed for ultralight everyday carry in a: pocket, pack, purse, pouch, emergency kit, first aid kit, vehicle glove box, hunting, fishing, camping, hiking or adventure kit.

Who is the Pocket 45 EDC Survival Kit For?

A GREAT GIFT for friends and family... Pocket 45 is a perfect complement to the Tiny Survival Guide and is for anyone who likes to: travel, hike, camp, hunt, fish, backpack, go for a drive, a walk in the park, explore new urban destinations or be safe and prepared.

Pocket 45 Makes a FAN-Tastic, Fun and Useful Stocking Stuffer or Small Gift for Anyone on Your List. 

Pocket 45 Deluxe Pocket Survival Kit INCLUDES:

1 - NEW! Improved Water Bag: 1.5 Liter, Flat Bottom, Zip & Hang Food Grade Bag
2 - Water Purification Tablets: Each Treats 1 Liter of Water
2 - Ranger Bands: Secure Gear + Burnable Fire Extender
2 - Orange Twist Ties: Gear Repair, Trail Makers
1 - Mini LED Flashlight
1 - Pack Triple Antibiotic: First Aid + Fire Extender
1 - 2" x 2" Gauze Pad: First Aid + Fire Tinder
2 - 3" x 3/4" BandAid®: First Aid
1 - Alcohol Prep Pad: First Aid + Fire Tinder
1 - 12" x 2" Duct Tape Orange: First Aid, Gear Repair, Trail Marking
1 - Fresnel Lens: Fire Starting / Magnifier
1 - Fire Steel Rod w/ Handle and Striker: Fire Starting
2 - Strike Anywhere Matches: Fire Starting
1 - Book of 20 Backup Matches
2 - Tinder Quick: Compressed Fire Tinder
1 - Mini Candle: Light / Fire Extender
1 - Emergency Whistle: Rescue, Personal Safety Alarm
1 - 40 ft. Multipurpose Line: Floss, Fishing, Repair, First Aid, Snare Making
3 - Fishing Hooks
3 - Split Shot; Fishing
1 - Fishing Lure
1 - Fishing Swivel
1 - Cork Stopper: Fishing Bobber / Compass Float
1 - DIY Water Bottle Compass Sticker: Waterproof
2 - Safety Pins: Repair
1 - Magnetized Needle: Sewing, Navigation
1 - 12" x 10" Aluminum Foil: Cooking, Signaling, Vessel Making
2 - 3" Zip Ties: Gear Repair
1 - Pencil: Writing, Fire Tinder
1 - Note Card: Writing, Fire Tinder
1 - Razor: Cutting Tool
1 - Jolly Rancher: Food / Energy
1 - 4" x 5" Waterproof Zip Bag: Holds Kit
1 - Contents Checklist: Burnable Kindling

BONUS: Our Exclusive Water Bottle Compass Kit - Included Free!

This Kit Transforms any Nalgene style water bottle into a legit DIY compass!

It's public knowledge that 99% of button compasses suck and are a useless gimmick! Yet companies continue to sell them. We wished we could, but can't.

Here's why...

We spent nearly two years trying to find a brand of button compasses where the majority of them pointed North - so that we could have confidence putting one in this kit. But we could NOT!  

Still, we wanted you to have an easy to use navigation tool in our kits. So as usual, we made one ourselves.

Introducing our DIY Cork Compass Kit

It's a micro DIY compass kit you can make in about 3 minutes from components IN this kit. ("How To Build A Water Bottle Compass" Video Tutorial is in our Online User Guide). 

EDC Up! Grab Your Pocket 45 - Advanced EDC Survival Kit Now... 

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    Greg Faulkner

    Pocket 45: Ultimate Advanced - Tiny Survival Kit

    Jerry Bowers
    Survival at its best!

    These are great! Study, practice, survive!

    Ken Littlefield
    Titanium Match case

    Outstanding quality. Very pleased. I will order more products soon

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