MSK-1® Mini EDGE
MSK-1® Mini EDGE
MSK-1® Mini EDGE
MSK-1® Mini EDGE
MSK-1® Mini EDGE
MSK-1® Mini EDGE
MSK-1® Mini EDGE
MSK-1® Mini EDGE
MSK-1® Mini EDGE
MSK-1® Mini EDGE
MSK-1® Mini EDGE
MSK-1® Mini EDGE
MSK-1® Mini EDGE
MSK-1® Mini EDGE

MSK-1® Mini EDGE


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The Ultimate (All-Purpose) Everyday Carry Knife 

Launched and Funded on Kickstarter - EDGE is a tough, everyday carry knife that travels light, cuts big, adapts to your needs, is full of surprises and is ready for any adventure.

Each Mini EDGE Knife Kit Contains:

  • 1 - 14C28N Mini EDGE Blade (Choose Color / Kit Above)
  • 1 - Set of Handles (Choose Color / Kit Above)
  • 1 - Set of Field Removable Handle Bolts (Includes: Bow Drill Divot)
  • 1 - Sheath (Choose Kit Above)
  • 1 - Sheath Necklace Kit

PLUS! One Handle Fire Kit Including:

  • 1 Mini Ferrocerium Rod
  • 2 Baddest Bee Fire Tinder Tabs

Many Additional Mini EDGE Add-Ons Sold Separately Here...


    What You Carry Everyday Matters!

    In a world full of uncertainties, what you carry on you every day matters.

    A tough, sharp and versatile everyday carry knife is an indispensable preparedness, work and survival tool.

    Yet most knives are either too big to everyday carry, too fragile for tough situations or can't adapt to your changing needs. 

    But, there is a solution... MSK-1 Mini EDGE!

    It’s a Tough Everyday Carry Knife, that Travels Light, Cuts Big, Adapts to Your Needs, is Full of Surprises and  Ready for Any Adventure.

    The BLADE - Tough Swedish Super Steel

    The MSK-1 EDGE is a full tang, fixed blade knife - crafted from a tough, Swedish Super Steel called Sandvik 14C28N.. that is rugged, holds an amazing edge and is highly resistant to corrosion.

    The blade comes in a tumbled black or uncoated stonewashed finish and is 0.15 inches (or 3.75 mm) thick and 6.2 inches (or 15.7 mm) long, making it small enough to carry every day, yet tough enough for any situation.

    MSK-1 Mini EDGE is a not so gentle, gentleman's fixed blade that is ready for your next mission. 

    BLADE: Your Razor-Sharp, Resilient, Compact and Mighty EDC

    • Blade Type: Skeletonized Full Tang, Fixed Blade
    • Edge Length: 2.7" (69 mm)
    • Overall Length: 6.2" (15.7 cm)
    • Thickness: 0.15" (3.7 mm) /w Handle: 0.47" (12 mm)
    • Weight: No Handle: 2.2 oz (62 g) /w Handle: 2.8 oz (80 g)
    • Steel: Swedish Sandvik 14C28N
    • Finish: Natural Tumbled or Black Stonewashed 
    • Grind: Sabre
    • HRC: 59-61 (uncoated) / 59-60 (coated)

    The HANDLE that Could Save Your Life

    The MSK-1 EDGE is the first-ever EDC knife with slotted, field removable handle bolts.

    When removed, you'll find a secret compartment that fits the MSK-1 Edge fire kit or optional fishing and gear repair module.

    EDGE is also designed for DIY paracord handles or for lashing the knife to a branch to make a spear - in the wild.

    The extended butt end of the blade steel can be used to crush, break, or scrape things… and is designed to act as a fire steel striker - so you can easily ignite a soul-warming blaze.

     HANDLE: 7 Handle Surprises that Might Rock Your World...  

    • Field Removable Handles: Slotted Bolts Make Handle Removal Easy.
    • Secret Gear Inside: Store the EDGE Survival Fire or Fishing Kit Inside.
    • Easy Swap Handles: Customize to Suit Your Style, Mission or Mood. 
    • Bow Drill Divot: First Mini Bow Drill Divot for Primitive Fire Making.
    • Fire Steel Striker: Use Pommel to Generate Sparks from Ferro Rod.
    • Extended Pommel: Use Butt End of EDGE to Crush, Break and Scrape. 
    • DIY Paracord Handle Ready: Easily Add Your Favorite Paracord Wrap.
    • Make a Spear: Lash Handleless EDGE to a Branch to Make a Spear. 
    • Comfort Grip: Designed for All-Day Use for Any Size Hands.
    • Moisture Shedding: Slotted Handles Increase Grip + Shed Moisture. 

    The SHEATH - 10 Carry Options to Suit Your Style

    The EDGE comes with your choice of leather or kydex sheath - designed to be compatible with the MSK-1 ACS - Adaptable Carry System.

    Choose the first-ever leather mini knife sheath designed for left or right-handed belt AND neck carry.

    Or select the first SEVEN-Position MOLLE compatible mini KYDEX knife sheath - designed for left and right handed belt, OR scout carry as well as inverted, neck and pocket carry… AND use it secure your Mini EDGE to any of our full sized MSK-1 knife sheaths.

    PLUS… both Mini EDGE sheaths are designed to accept our ACS leather or kydex fire steel kits.

    SHEATH: Expand Your Mind and EDC - Carry Any Way You Want

    • Two Adaptable Sheath Designs: Choose 3-Position Leather or 7-Position Kydex.
    • ACS Compatible: Attach Your EDGE to other MSK-1 Adaptable Carry System (ACS) sheath components to customize your kit for any adventure.  
    • Stout Handle Lock: Carry your EDGE securely in any position using our H-Loc sheath system. NOTE: Installed knife handle required. Use leather sheath for handleless carry.
    • 7-Position Kydex Sheath: Left and Right Belt / Left or Right Scout / Inverted, Necklace and Pocket Carry.
    • 3-Position Leather Sheath: Left and Right Belt or Necklace Carry. NOTE: Choose Leather sheath for paracord handle wraps or handleless carry.
    • MOLLE Compatible M-Loc Versatile Clip: At the heart of the EDGE kydex sheath is our M-Loc MOLLE clip. M-Loc is the "Magic" behind our kydex sheath's carry versatility. Position the M-Loc clip on the sheath to suit your carry needs and clip EDGE to almost any belt, strap or MOLLE compatible gear. 
    • Add-On Firesteel Kit: Designed to accept the MSK-1 leather and kydex ferrocerium rod kits for robust camp and emergency fire making capabilities.

    Get Your Mini EDGE

    As you can see… the MSK-1 Mini Edge is a unique and tough everyday carry knife, that adapts to your style and mission, is full of surprises, and is ready for Your next adventure.

    Launched on Kickstarter - Mini EDGE is coming soon -  right here. 

    You're gonna LOVE this knife! 

    MSK-1 Mini EDGE "Quick Start" Guide and Videos

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 51 reviews
    Matthew Monsarrat
    Customer Service

    Thank you for your great customer service, I had discrepancy in my address when ordering and David and Gabe where awesome in fixing it will be buying from yall again cheers.

    Great little knife

    Fits comfortably in the hand, light to carry. I've been using it as my skinning knife and it works a treat. Holds an edge really well. My only suggestion for possible improvement is to make the handle sections with a waterproof seal to keep the fire steel dry so it doesn't corrode quietly inside the handle.

    Mark Croley

    I purchased the MSK-1 Warrior some time ago and I live it ! The mini EDGE is just as impressive! Nice feel & very sharp ! Nice looking, too !

    Mark Gitschel
    the handle screws .

    unscrewing and **** the screws is a pain in the but to get to the handle compartment. It's hard to get the screws aligned at the same time to unscrew. Have not had time to field test yet.

    Zane T
    Amazing EDC

    I’ve completely set my typical edc blades aside and this now sits as my standard daily blade. Edge retention is amazing, the handles fit well in my hand even being a smaller frame. Over all I would recommend this knife to anyone! Super great quality, quick shipping, with impeccable customer service!

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