$300 Off! Black Friday Special: MSK-1® Elite 2.0 Survival Knife
$300 Off! Black Friday Special: MSK-1® Elite 2.0 Survival Knife
$300 Off! Black Friday Special: MSK-1® Elite 2.0 Survival Knife
$300 Off! Black Friday Special: MSK-1® Elite 2.0 Survival Knife
$300 Off! Black Friday Special: MSK-1® Elite 2.0 Survival Knife
$300 Off! Black Friday Special: MSK-1® Elite 2.0 Survival Knife
$300 Off! Black Friday Special: MSK-1® Elite 2.0 Survival Knife
$300 Off! Black Friday Special: MSK-1® Elite 2.0 Survival Knife
$300 Off! Black Friday Special: MSK-1® Elite 2.0 Survival Knife
$300 Off! Black Friday Special: MSK-1® Elite 2.0 Survival Knife
$300 Off! Black Friday Special: MSK-1® Elite 2.0 Survival Knife
$300 Off! Black Friday Special: MSK-1® Elite 2.0 Survival Knife

$300 Off! Black Friday Special: MSK-1® Elite 2.0 Survival Knife

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Legendary Bladeness - Pushed Up A Notch or Two...

MSK-1 Elite 2.0: An All-in-One Survival Knife System. Crafted in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, USA. 

ALMOST GONE - Order Today...  NOTE: Next Batch Arrival December 2023. 

*Check Out Our - Ultimate Elite Knife Combo BUNDLES (Below)*

Inspired by the fantastic success of the original MSK-1 that was launched on Kickstarter in 2016 -  David started wondering if the MSK-1 (which he and Jeff Freeman so painstakingly designed and prototyped over a three year period) could be even better. 

So, he began the search for a USA based, like-minded and visionary knife maker that could help him take the MSK-1 Survival Knife to the next level.

It's a Crazy Knife - That Takes a Unique Company to Make It

He met (and spoke with) company after company looking for that ONE master knife maker that was the right fit.

MSK-1 Elite Knife

After many disappointments, false starts and setbacks, David said to his son (and business partner) Ben, "We really need to talk to Craig and Leo (their real names may or may not be protected for secrecy). I dunno if they would be interested, but they may be the only guys that might understand my vision for the MSK-1 and could help us make it even better."

The rest is now history. David and Ben did meet with Craig and Leo "secretly" at SHOT SHOW, "and to say, we all hit it off, is an understatement!", Ben remembers. 

How We Took MSK-1 to the Next Peak of Performance and Precision

"Craig and Leo blew us away!  They actually both smiled as they listened to me share my future vision and held the original MSK-1s in their hands", recounts David. 

Then David asked, "So, what do you guys think?" And what came next blew his mind. They both began to share innovative ideas on how to make the new generation of MSK-1 knives even better than the original - all while keeping the price in line. 

The choice was clear. And these men were ALL in. "We shook hands, and within just a few weeks I had beautiful prototypes of the new MSK-1 Elite, MSK-1 Mini Elite Neck Knife and MSK-1 Elite Warrior knives", David said with a smile. 

INTRODUCING the MSK-1 Elite 2.0 - Multi-Scenario Knife!

Crafted from full quarter-inch, 154cm stainless steel. This tough steel will retain

MSK-1 Elite Survival Knife

a razor's-edge, repel rust, and is field sharpening friendly.

Every MSK-1 Elite knife sports TOPS' famous, abuse-repelling finish, our new ErgoGRP™ handle design and our ACS Elite™ black kydex sheath.

You'll also enjoy all of signature life-saving, butt-kicking, work-stomping, wilderness-conquering features that are built into every MSK-1, like:

  • 20 Item Micro Survival Kit that Tucks Into the MSK-1 Handle, and is Easily
    Accessed in the Field By Removing Our Exclusive Slotted Bolts.
  • Stainless Steel Bow Drill Divot (Bolt) to Make Improvised Friction Fire Much Easier.
  • Full 1/4" Thick 154CM Stainless Steel, Full Tang, Razor Sharp Blade that's Designed for Hard Use in Extreme Situations. 
  • Pommel End Fire Steel Striker that's Optimized to Aim a Shower of Blaze-Starting Sparks at Your Tinder. 
  • Extended Pommel for Smashing, Grinding, Crushing and Breaking Things.
  • Oversized Finger Choil that Gives You Greater Control for Fine Detail Work.
  • Center-Aligned Clip Point for Drilling, Fine Detail Work and Piercing Tasks.
  • Jimped Thumb Ramp that Adds Stability, Comfort and Control. 
  • Lanyard and Lashing Holes for Transforming Your Knife Into A Spear or Easily Adding a Paracord Handle Wrap. 
  • Computer-Modeled Comfort Grip that Allows for 3 Grip Positions (1) Choked Up for Fine Work (2) Full Handle for Quick, Powerful Cutting (3) Rear Position for Chopping - Like a Boss.
  • And a Lot More (See Comparison Chart Below).

Made for Generations

MSK-1 Elite is a ridiculously amazing legacy knife you'll be proud to use for life and pass on to the next generation.

This is a high performance blade made for those who want a one-knife solution (or a complete two-knife) user-customizable survival knife system that can be trusted to perform in both good times and bad. 

Limited Quantities Are Occasionally Available but Tend to Run Out Quickly. Pre-Order is available when stock runs out.  Check our "News and Updates" blog for info. Thank you for your patience!

Secure Yours Today!

INCLUDES: (1) MSK-1 Elite (Made of 154CM Stainless Steel)  (1) Set OD Green Canvas Micarta Handles (with Black Coated Stainless Steel Bolts) (1) ACS Elite™ Black Kydex Sheath (1) Handle Survival Kit - V2.0

MSK-1 / PACK-1 Model Comparison Chart*

MODEL Primitive (P) Black (B) Elite (E) Warrior (EW) PACK-1
Primary Use Utility / Survival (P): Bushcraft / Camping (B): Tactical (Both): Tactical / Utility / Survival (E): Camping / Bushcraft Military / Tactical / Utility / SERE / Survival
Primary Edge
Full Tang, Fixed Blade Fine Edge
Full Tang, Fixed Blade Fine Edge
Full Tang, Fixed Blade Fine Edge 
Double Edge No
(E): No (EW): Yes
Triple Edge No (E): No / (EW): Yes No
Blade Material / Finish 1075 @ 55-60 HRC (Tougher than 1095) / (P): Blasted Satin (B)Traction Black Powder Coat (154CM Stainless Steel @ 60-61 HRC: Covert Graphite Black Cerakote 154CM Stainless Steel @ 60-61 HRC: Covert Graphite Black Cerakote
Blade Thickness 0.22in (0.56cm)
0.25in (0.64cm)
0.19in (0.48cm)
Handle Set (P): Real Walnut Hardwood (B): Tactical Jet Black G10  + BS Gray Liners OD Green Canvas Micarta Slabs Infused with Bees Wax OD Green Canvas Micarta Slabs Infused with Bees Wax + BS Gray Liners
Handle Bolts: Stainless Removable w/ Bow Drill Divot:
(P): Tumbled (B): D-Cote™ Black Oxide D-Cote™ Black Oxide Divot, D-Cote™ Black Oxide
Blade Length
4.6in (11.7cm)
4.6in (11.7 cm)
4.7in (11.9 cm)
Total Length 11.3in (28.6cm)
11.3in (28.6 cm)
10.2in (25.9 cm)
Weight 13.0oz (369g)
14.0oz (396g) 8.9oz (252g)
20-Item Handle Survival Kit 2.0 Yes Yes Yes
Pommel-End Ferro Rod Striker Yes Yes Yes
Sheath System
(P): Antiqued Leather (B)Tactical Black Kydex: ACS™   Tactical Black Kydex: ACS™ Adaptable Carry System  

Tactical Black Kydex: ACS™ Adaptable Carry System: Multi-Carry / Multi Setup
ACS™ Sheath Compatible  
(P) No (B): Yes Yes Yes / Limited
Made in USA
No - El Salvador Yes - USA
Yes - USA
Lifetime Warranty (Details) Yes
Bundles Available 
Yes - Stock Dependent Yes - Stock Dependent
Yes - Stock Dependent

See Knives Elite / Elite Warrior

*Since We Are Constantly Improving the MSK-1 and PACK-1 Knife Line Up, Final Shipped MSK-1 Knife / Sheath / Kit Specifications May Vary Slightly.


If You Are a USA Veteran or on Active Duty for the US Military, We Want to Get the MSK-1 Elite Warrior Into Your Hands! We'd love to give you a 10% Military Discount (with Valid Military ID). Please Contact Us BEFORE You Pre-Order. See contact details at bottom of page. 

*OUR VETERANS and ACTIVE DUTY MILITARY DISCOUNT is available ONLY to persons who are currently serving, or who have served honorably in the USA Military (ONLY). BEFORE YOU PLACE YOUR ORDER - Please email a copy of your current military ID, DD 214 or VIC Card to us so that we can verify your United States of America Armed Forces service. Once verified we will send you a special code that you can use during checkout for 10% off the purchase of any MSK-1 Knife Kit. THANK YOU!

To ALL International Customers (those outside of the USA)
Please know that your country may charge significant import: fees, duties, taxes and / or tariffs.  These fees are YOUR sole responsibility to pay in order to receive the gear that you ordered from us.

HERE is an simple online calculator to get an idea of what your Import Duty will be: https://www.simplyduty.com/import-calculator/

If your order is returned to us from the shipper for free (USPS Only) - we will refund your order total minus the shipping fees. If the carrier you select (UPS, DHL, FedEx) does not return the knife and / or gear - you will receive NO refund.

Paying IMPORT Fees is YOUR Responsibility. Please make sure you understand your TOTAL costs (including import fees) BEFORE your order. We apologize for any inconvenience.


Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Mark Simpanen
Beauty and the Beast!

Once you get this knife and hold it in your hand you realize what that statement means! You can tell that much thought and calculation went into the design of this thing. Not many products can cover such a wide range of usage and do it well but this knife can and does. Add the neck knife to the mix and all bases are covered! And…It’s nice to know that David does not hesitate to revise and refine based on customer reviews given that he has come out with the 2.0 version of the Elite as well as other models based on the original design.

Already in my hands

Sorry for the delay with my review. Not much time available and for that same reason I haven’t use my MSK1 Elite yet. My words will describe my first thoughs once I had the knife in my hands…

It is exactly what I expected. It feels durable, perfect weight, very well balanced (in my opinion). I’m not an expert, I just know that I love knives and due to quality I always have to go for another one.
I think that I found my last one.

Justin Adams
MSK-1® Elite 2.0 Survival Knife

I saw so many negative reviews which were all rubbished when I took the knife in my own hands. So much is great about this knife that anyone complaining about David comparing it to an axe and suggesting this knife could replace an axe is totally missing the point of what David has created. It is a total system and I am sure that David will continue to be innovative in developing this wonderful knife.

Cristhofer Palacios
Awesome knife

I love the design, the ergonomics, the quality of the materials and especially the type of steel, the dedication with which this work of art was made...

They have definitely gained a new client from South America.

Ingrid Schmid
Super messer / Great knife

Ist das beste Messer, dass ich je hatte. Werde auch weiterhin bestellen. Top.
English Translation: It's the best knife I've ever had. Will continue to order. Top.

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